QUICK READ: What disputes are there in the Arctic?

The melting of Arctic ice has been making easier the accessibility to the region, which holds ample of natural and energy resource reserves. The increasing ‘accessibility’ to the Arctic region and the lust for resources have given rise to plenty of disputes among the five countries surrounding the region, namely Canada, Denmark (via Greenland), Russia, Norway and the US.

Among those disputes, the most intense ones are: (i) regarding boundaries in the Beaufort Sea and the status of the Northwest Passage between the US and Canada, (ii) regarding Hans Island between Canada and Denmark (via Greenland), (iii) regarding the Lomonosov Ridge – a mountain range across the region — among Canada, Denmark and Russia, (iv) and regarding the maritime border from the Bering Sea into the region between the US and Russia.

Therefore, all countries surrounding the region are involved in disputes regarding the ownership and control over different parts of the region.

Alongwith these five Arctic countries, China and the UK are also involved in the dispute through their claims over the Svalbard archipelago, which happens to be within the region.


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