Bahauddin Foizee (ISSN 2523-014X) publishes reports, articles and blogs on various aspects of threat & risk intelligence and international affairs, including — but not limited to — cyber security & threat, climate change & environment, economy, energy, human rights, humanitarian crisis, information war, journalism & media, politics & geopolitics, and water crisis-security-& conflict.

This publication is named after its founder and editor, Mr. Bahauddin Foizee. Alongside the works of Bahauddin Foizee, this publication includes the works of various academics, analysts, columnists, researchers, politicians, and so on. Soon the publication will accommodate the works of social media influencers as well.

Founder & Editor

BAHAUDDIN FOIZEE is a Threat/Risk Intelligence Analyst focusing on the assessment of investment, legal, security, political and geopolitical threat/risk. He also supports other analysts who are involved in assessing environmental, financial and military threat/risk.

Also an editor and columnist, Mr. Bahauddin Foizee had provided editorial support to many think-tank and risk intelligence publications and several magazines globally and his columns have been featured in hundreds of newspapers in many parts of the world.