QUICK READ: Britain-led European bloc…?

What would be Britain’s next regional stance once it ‘formally’ leaves the European Union (EU)? Speculations are being made worldwide to answer this very vital question. Britain’s actual exit from the Union will not only have impact on Britain and the EU, but will also have impact on the rest of the Europe and the world.

There has been a widespread speculation that Britain has been, for a while, mutely attempting to create a new European bloc. Now that Britain (precisely the UK) has voted to leave the long survived union among the European states, there is every possibility that Britain will, alongwith the ‘not so pro-EU’ sentimental political forces in Europe, move towards forming and institutionalizing this new bloc.

There has been widespread prediction on formation of the so called ‘northern league’ that includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Britain itself – most of which allegedly desire to restrict the power of the EU.


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