QUICK READ: European Union less important for Britain

After the Second World War, the war-torn Europe became very vulnerable in all aspects. In this situation, Europe, which holds massive energy resources, required collaboration to save the region’s existence from inside weaknesses and from outside entities.

Integration and cooperation among the European countries were necessary not just to ‘ensure peace’ in Europe through avoiding further wars among the European neighbours, but also to stay relevant in world affairs against the strong global presence of neighbouring former Soviet Union.

Hence, several European countries initiated the regional integration process through various treaties that subsequently led to the formation of the European Union (EU). Also, unhindered ‘economic progress’ was one of the major reasons behind working for an integrated region.

After the Second World War, the victorious Britain considered itself to be the leading European power. As a result, a unified platform among the Europeans was seen by Britain as an option to serve its geopolitical purposes and not as a requirement for survival.

However, for the other war-torn mainland European countries, the union among the European countries was a requirement for survival.

So, the union was more important to the likes of Germany and France than Britain.


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