Mr. Bahauddin Foizee is the founder and editor of the publication Bahauddin Foizee (ISSN 2523-014X).

BAHAUDDIN FOIZEE is a Threat/Risk Intelligence Analyst focusing on the assessment of investment, legal, security, political and geopolitical threat/risk. He also supports other analysts who are involved in assessing environmental, financial and military threat/risk.

His insights, analysis and columns on social, legal, political, geo-political and environmental affairs across the Asia-Pacific/Indo-Pacific and the Middle East regions have been widely published on think-tank-publications and media-outlets across the world.

Bahauddin Foizee provides editorial support to the Global Risk Insights (the London-based risk-intelligence consultancy publication) and the Oped Column Syndication (the international syndicate for distributing opinion-articles/OpEds). He regularly contributes insights-column at Asia Times.

Think-Tanks/ Research-Organizations/ Media-Outlets

Bahauddin Foizee’s works have appeared on reputed think-tanks/research-organizations’ publications including

  • The National Interest (publication of the Center for the National Interest, Washington DC, USA)
  • Geopolitical Monitor (Government of Canada funded international intelligence publication)
  • Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies/ IPCS (New Delhi based think tank)
  • Deutsches Asienforschungszentrum (German Asia Research Center)
  • Policy Forum (Australia-based ‘Asia and the Pacific Policy Society’)
  • Indian Defence Review

Bahauddin Foizee’s articles have been published on various media outlets including

  • The Diplomat (top global magazine)
  • Asia Sentinel
  • Asia Times
  • International Policy Digest
  • Asian Correspondent
  • Foreign Policy News
  • Indian Spectator
  • Real Clear Defense
  • Journal of Rising Powers
  • Daily Times
  • The Global New Light of Myanmar
  • Oped Column Syndication
  • Tribune Content Agency
  • Eurasia Review
  • The Dispatch
  • South Asia Journal
  • Kurdistan 24 (K24 TV Channel’s Publishing-Site)
  • Ekurd Daily
  • OpEd News
  • Modern Diplomacy
  • Rising Kashmir
  • The Greater Caspian Project

Bahauddin Foizee’s columns have been published on several Dhaka-based Newspapers/Magazine

  • The Daily Star
  • The Independent
  • The Financial Express
  • Daily Observer
  • The New Nation
  • Dhaka Courier
  • Daily Sun
  • bdnew24com
  • The New Age


Bahauddin Foizee studied law and international relations from University of London, Eastern University and University of Dhaka.

References / Mentions / Quotes

Bahauddin Foizee’s works have been mentioned in many think-tank/research-organization and university papers & lectures, including:

Bahauddin Foizee have been quoted in many newspapers, news agencies, news wire services, and magazines, including:

  • New Zealand Herald
  • The Daily Examiner
  • The Queensland Times
  • South Burnett Times
  • Tweed Daily News
  • Real Clear Politics
  • Dalby Herald
  • (Australia’s top news agency)
  • The Chronicle
  • The Fraser Coast Chronicle
  • Asia News Day
  • Vietnam Breaking News
  • Kashmir Times
  • Global Defense Corp




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